Growing up in the beauty of Northern California has distinctly had a far-reaching affect on my art. I have always enjoyed art for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories as a young girl are of drawing in my room, painting outside, or sketching portraits of my friends and family. I went on Plein Air excursions in the Pacific Northwest with my grandmother, who was also an artist. What began as a desire for accuracy in all of my drawings and paintings soon was overpowered by the strong enchantment with expression of character, feeling and beauty that could be portrayed through the manipulations of colors, interplayed with their individual compositions. 

     Although I began with a major in art, as I attended Oral Roberts University, I changed my major to English in an effort to develop and further advance my artistic expression both visually and verbally. Being artistically trained in "drawing from the right side of the brain" made me see the value in developing the complementary, left, verbal side as well. I knew that I would always practice my art and continue to develop my artistic proficiency and expression. I have never regretted this shift from art to English, and I have found that the two areas complement and give a fullness to artistic expression. 

     During my early years as an English teacher, I began showing my acrylic and watercolor paintings in several Northern California art galleries. It was during this time that I became distinctly interested in the reactions that color interplay formed in various presentations and juxtapositions. I knew that this mode of color interchange was the particular technique through which I would develop and express my creative and artistic motifs and themes. 

     I found time to paint and to show my work in galleries during my early "motherhood" years; however, as my children grew, my subjects were no longer on my canvas and easel, but they were living, growing, people in my care and under my instruction. During these years, I naturally supplemented my art supplies with creative labors which would allow my children to expreience the beauty of the world, of learning, of their talents, and of life; so I homeschooled them. I taught sewing, I taught them how to write, and taught them art. They each developed a specific talent. This was my living, creative world for twenty years. During these years, my passion for my own art stayed alive, and I took on commissioned work on an individual basis rather than paint gallery shows. I have no regrets. 

     And now, years later, as I  pick up my art supplies and sit down to my easel. I am finding that my work is new and more complex. I am thrilled to see that my original excitement for complementary colors is still active and in process. I am excited for the future with my work and hope that my work speaks to all people who view them. 

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